UN55B8000 Samsung 55 inch 1080p monitor is a lot of features that many consumers may find useful. This is a very large viewing screen. It contains all the standard elements, while introducing several new ones. It has an attractive appearance and can display progressive frames, using a full HD razlučivosti.Televizija is well built and is considered to run very cool. This is a unique style and remote working hard to save energy.

One thing that most people recognize you on this set that is very thin it is. This is because it is very thin. In the area of ​​the thickest just managed to extend slightly beyond the one inch. This type of thin display is ideal for wall mounting aplikacije.Tanak Nature paper makes it very light in weight. When moving the set, it could be a much appreciated quality.

set has the ability to display progressive frames at full resolution high definition. Full HD is considered the most 1920X1080.Jedinica will usually max at this resolution. The fact that it can achieve a resolution in progressive mode is nice, but is considered to be standard in the market. When displaying progressive frames, television was once again kind of movement that creates a movie film.

Most can not deny the fact that this device does not offer a design that tends to be very elegant in nature. Flat black is a very nice color used on a monitor like this. These colors will not usually pose a threat to any design scheme of the room can be use. Many think the colors compliment their viewing experience. Most buyers today tend to prefer the television, which has a flat black color as featured.

device is very large and keeping cool running temperature. Some people complain about the LCD sets running hot. Plasma TVs are known for this in the past. If the unit to run hot for extended periods may suffer more damage. Since this is a cooler for the monitor, it could have the advantage of living a long and healthy life.

remote control that comes with this set has some very unique značajke.Novu feature that opens this control is called RF tehnologije.Kontrola can send a command to the television without even being pointed in the right smjeru.Daljinski used to access not only many menus, but great opportunities as well as the possibilities are dobro.Puno standardne.Sleep timer is a perfect example.

This monitor is a good energy-saving products. Many people live a green lifestyle recently. They often look for opportunities like this when you are shopping for a TV. If the device does not accept user interaction over time that will automatically turn off. Not only can it help the country, but it is a nice feature to have when receiving electricity each month.

UN55B8000 This Samsung 55 inch 1080p television is not only a great monitor, but a versatile one. It has most things that are often considered standard. It also features several new offerings to help when dealing with natjecanja.Daljinski control is an important new feature that nudi.Sposobnost unit to maintain the cold temperature is another. This ability can cause long-lasting product.

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