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Keep your mobile phone charged up while on the go with the Turbo Charge TB550 battery-operated charger. It runs on 2 AA-sized batteries (included) and it works with a wide range of mobile phones from Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Samsung, Motorola and more thanks to the eight included adapters. It also features a dual LED flashlight as well as a 3-light battery gauge that let’s you know when it’s time to change the batteries.
The eight adapters that are included with the Turbo Charge TB550 are compatible with hundreds of phones. However, if your phone isn't included in the compatibility list below, a coupon is included in the package for a free adapter (shipping and handling charges apply; offer not valid for iPod/iPhone adapter).

The TB550 cell phone charger runs on 2 AA-sized batteries and provides extra hours of talk time while on the go.

The eight included adapters are compatible with hundreds of popular phones.
Adapter Compatible Phones
Motorola: 120; 120E; 120T; 120X; 270C; 280; A630; A830; A835; A840; A845; A920; C331; C332; C333; C353T; E815; MPX220; ROKR E1; ROKR E2; T193G; T280I; T300P; T720; T720G; T720I; T721; T722I; T725; T730; T730C; T731C; V120C; V120E; V120T; V120X; V260; V262; V265; V266; V276; V300; V303; V330; V400; V400P; V500; V505; V525; V540; V550; V551; V555; V557; V60; V600; V60C; V60CI; V60G; V60I; V60IC; V60P; V60Q; V60T; V60T COLOR; V60TW; V60V; V635; V65P; V66; V66I; V690; V70; V710; V80; V810; V878
Motorola/Nextel: I30SX; I35S; I50SX; I55SR; I60C; I80S; I88S; I90C; I90CL; I95C
Nokia: 1100; 1208; 1221; 1260; 1260I; 1261; 1680; 2100; 2115I; 2116I; 2125I; 2126I; 2128I; 2128I; 2160I/2170/2180; 2260; 2270; 2270/2275; 2275; 2285; 2300; 252; 2600; 2610; 2651; 282; 3100; 3120; 3200; 3205; 3220; 3250; 3285; 3300; 3310/3390/3395; 3320/3360; 3361; 3500; 3560; 3570; 3585/3585I; 3586I; 3587I; 3588I; 3589I; 3590; 3595; 3600/3650; 3620/3660; 5100; 5110/5120/5160; 5125/5165; 5140; 5185; 6010; 6015; 6015I/6019I; 6016I; 6020; 6030; 6061; 6100; 6108; 6110/6120/6160; 6111; 6161; 6162; 6170; 6200; 6225; 6230; 6236I; 6256I; 6260; 6263I; 6270; 6275I; 6282; 6290; 6300; 6301; 6310; 6310I; 6340; 6340I; 6360; 6370; 6385; 6560; 6585; 6590; 6590/6590I; 6600; 6610; 6620; 6630; 6651; 6670; 6680; 6681; 6682; 6800; 6820; 6822; 7100; 7160/7190/7710; 7200; 7210; 7250; 7250/7250I; 7260; 7270; 7280; 7360; 7380; 7600; 7610; 7650; 8200; 8260; 8265; 8270/8250; 8290/8210; 8390; 8390/9310; 8800; 8801; 8860/8810; 8890/8850; 9000; 918; 9200; 9290; 9300; 9500; N71; N72; N91; N92; N-GAGE; N-GAGE QD
Samsung: IP-A790; IP-I830; MM-A900; N-330; SCH-310; SCH-8500; SCH-A220; SCH-A310; SCH-A530; SCH-A530S; SCH-A570; SCH-A610; SCH-A630; SCH-A645; SCH-A650; SCH-A670; SCH-A690; SCH-A790; SCH-A795; SCH-A800; SCH-A850; SCH-A870; SCH-A890; SCH-A900; SCH-A930; SCH-A950; SCH-A970; SCH-A990; SCH-I600; SCH-I700; SCH-I730; SCH-I830; SCH-N330; SCH-N340; SCH-N370; SCH-U340; SCH-U410; SCH-U520; SCH-U540; SCH-U550; SCH-U620; SGH-C207; SGH-C225; SGH-C416; SGH-C417; SGH-D307; SGH-D347; SGH-D357; SGH-D407; SGH-D410; SGH-D415; SGH-E105; SGH-E315; SGH-E316; SGH-E317; SGH-E335; SGH-E635; SGH-E700; SGH-E715; SGH-E730; SGH-E730C; SGH-E738; SGH-N370; SGH-N620; SGH-N625; SGH-P100; SGH-P107; SGH-P207; SGH-P777; SGH-R225; SGH-R225M; SGH-S200; SGH-S300; SGH-S300M; SGH-S307; SGH-T100; SGH-T209; SGH-T309; SGH-T319; SGH-T609; SGH-T619; SGH-T709; SGH-T719; SGH-V200; SGH-V205; SGH-V206; SGH-X105; SGH-X426; SGH-X427; SGH-X475; SGH-X495; SGH-X496; SGH-X497; SGH-X506; SGH-X507; SGH-X600; SGH-X640; SGH-Z500; SPH-A110; SPH-A120; SPH-A420; SPH-A580; SPH-A640; SPH-A645; SPH-A840; SPH-A900; SPH-A920; SPH-A930; SPH-A960; SPH-I300 / I330; SPH-I500; SPH-I600; SPH-I700; SPH-M500; SPH-N300; T209; T309; T319; T609; T809
Audiovox: CDM-120; CDM-7025; CDM-7075; CDM-8400; CDM-8410; CDM-8450; CDM-8455; CDM-8460; CDM-8610; CDM-8615; CDM-8625; CDM-8900; CDM-8910; CDM-8912; CDM-8915; CDM-8920; CDM-8930; CDM-8932; CDM-8940; CDM-8945; CDM-9900 / 9950; PM-8912; PM-8920; SNPR CDM-8915; VI600; VOX 8610
LG: MM535; PM325; VI125
Samsung: MM-A700; MM-A740; MM-A800; MM-A880; MM-A920; PM-A740; PM-A840; RL-A760; SPH-520; SPH-A400; SPH-A460; SPH-A500; SPH-A540; SPH-A560; SPH-A600; SPH-A620; SPH-A660; SPH-A680; SPH-A820; SPH-N240; SPH-N270; SPH-N400; UPROAR; VGA-1000; VI-660; VI-A820; VM-A680
Audiovox: PPC-6700
BlackBerry: 6210; 6220; 6230; 6280; 6510; 7100G; 7100I; 7100R; 7100T; 7100V; 7100X; 7105T; 7130C; 7130E; 7210; 7230; 7250; 7270; 7280; 7290; 7510; 7520; 8100 PEARL; 8120 PEARL; 8130 PEARL; 8700C; 8700F; 8700G; 8703E; 8705G; 8800; 8820; 8830; CURVE 8300; CURVE 8310; CURVE 8320; CURVE 8330
Motorola: 510; 8100; 8125; 8300; 8525; A1200; A780; BC50; C230; C290; C650; DANGER SIDEKICK LX; E680; E680I; HERALD; HERMES; HTC 8925; HTC APACHE; HTC MOGUL; HTC SHADOW; HTC TOUCH; I335; I425; I425E; I425T; IC402; IC502; IC602; IC902; IZAR; K-JAM; KRZR K1; KRZR K1M; L2; L6; L7000; MAXX VE; MDA; MOTORAZR MAXX VE; MOTOROLA Q; MPX200; P3450; P4350; P7000; PEBL U6; PEBL V6; PPC6700; Q; Q9C; Q9M; RAZR MAXX VE; RAZR V3; RAZR V3 BLACK; RAZR V3C; RAZR V3I; RAZR V3M; RAZR V3R; RAZR V3T; RAZR V3X; RAZR V3XX; RAZR2; RIZR Z3; RIZR Z6TV; ROKR E6; ROKR Z6; ROKR Z6M; SIDEKICK SLIDE; SLVR; SLVR L7; SLVR L7C; SMT5600; TILT; TYTN; V190; V195; V195S; V197; V235; V235I; V323; V325; V326; V360; V361; V365; V3XX; W315; W370; W385; W450; W490; W5; W510; W755; WING; WIZARD; XV6800; Z6TV
LG: AX140; AX145; AX355; AX390; AX4270; AX4750; AX490; AX5000; FUSIC; FUSION; LX225; LX325; LX350; LX535; LX550; PM225; U400; UX355; VX1000; VX3100; VX3200; VX3300; VX3400; VX3450; VX4400; VX4650; VX4700; VX5200; VX5300; VX6100; VX6600; VX7000; VX8000; VX8100; VX8300; VX9800
Samsung: SCH-U420 (NIMBUS); SCH-U740; SGH-A437; SGH-A707; SGH-A717; SGH-A727; SGH-D820; SGH-D900; SGH-E250; SGH-E840; SGH-E900; SGH-E950; SGH-I607 (BLACKJACK); SGH-J600; SGH-T219; SGH-T329; SGH-T509; SGH-T519; SGH-T629; SGH-T809; SGH-U600; SGH-X820; SPH-A503; SPH-A503 (HELIO DRIFT); SPH-M610; SPH-M620 (UPSTAGE); SYNC-A707

Turbo Charge portable cell phone/PDA charger. Charger works with most cell phones and PDAs. Bright dual beam LED flashlight. Comfortable rubberized grip. Includes 7 adapters and 2 AA batteries.


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