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Enjoy fast, long-lasting charging power for your cell phone when you're unplugged and on-the-go with the Energizer Energi To Go instant charger. Whether it's an emergency or just another call on-the-go, you'll have the power you need. This version of the Energi To Go is compatible with cell phones with mini-USB charging ports, including Blackberry and Motorola RAZR models (see image below).
This Energi To Go comes with three connectors to fit phones charged via mini-USB.
Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries provide the automatic portable power that's at the heart of the Energizer Energi To Go charger. You can place a call within 30 seconds of activating Energizer Energi To Go on many cell phones with a completely discharged battery. Energizer e2 batteries can last up to 7x versus standart Energizer batteries, weigh 1/3 less, and have a 15-year storage life.

The Energi To Go features a patented intelligent control chip that maximizes power transfer from the charger to the cell phone as well as power conversion technology to optimize battery performance. Other features include battery leakage safeguards and an LED charge indicator. When the Energi to Go is out of juice, simply replace the batteries with Energizer e2 Lithium AA batteries.
Plug in the Instant Cell Phone charger for automatic power ¿ even when phone battery is completely discharged. Reusable, lightweight, durable, convenient, easy to use, portable, fast. Great for moms on the go, business, leisure, contractors, road warriors, and some emergency situations


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