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Need better sound from your laptop? The X-Bass is the latest edition of JLab's best-selling B-Flex, an ultra compact and stylish USB speaker on a flex cable that WIRED magazine says "Puts laptop speakers to shame." The B-Flex generates amazing sound quality using only the power from your USB port, without batteries or wires. Engineered for portability and performance, this handy speaker utilizes 2 digital amplifiers and 2 full range high output micro drivers to achieve crystal clear sound and surprisingly powerful volume.

The updated X-Bass features an integrated passive subwoofer for extra deep bass, and a glossy black finish with updated lines for a clean, modern look. Includes a detachable kickstand to provide adjustable support. The X-Bass also uses sophisticated power management circuitry to provide more comprehensive compatibility with most laptops.

The B-Flex is easy to use...just plug it in to your USB, flex it to your desired position, and enjoy incredible sound! It's ideal for enjoying online media, MP3s, movies, Internet Radio, YouTube, and Gaming, on the go or while traveling. The B-Flex is also used by tens of thousands of people for business and educational purposes, to enhance presentations during training, sales, board room meetings, and at trade shows. Plug and play for PC and Mac, laptops and desktops, and even works on Linux. The only product of its kind, this amazing gadget has been featured in the NY Times, on ABC News, in WIRED magazine, and on virtually every gadget site in the world. Please check Technical Details above for compatibility updates before purchasing.

Makes a great gift for gadget lovers, laptop toters, and audio enthusiasts!

Product Details

  • Color: Black
  • Brand: JLab Audio


  • Plug and play for PC* and Mac. Uses only USB power, no wires or batteries!
  • Easy to use. Incredibly compact and portable. Great for travel!
  • Produces crystal clear sound with dual 1-watt digital amps and 2 high output, full range micro drivers and passive subwoofer.
  • Patented flexible design allows you to totally customize your listening experience by flexing the speaker into virtually any position.
  • Second Edition of the B-Flex gadget that was featured in the NY Times, on ABC News, in WIRED magazine, and on virtually every gadget site in the world.
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