What will you bring when you visit a friend who is ill in hospital? What you take when your friend's new baby is born? What will you if your friend has a convocation? What will you give an artist when performing on stage? What will you bring when you go to a funeral?

I'd like to share some scenarios about when there is not a flower.

1 When a friend is to say he / she loves flowers.

Look! Try to make yourself unpredictable! If your friend tells you that he wants to bear, then bring along a bear. If she tells you she loves the car, then you bring your car, it means that you make it boring and predictable from a female perspective. The best known way to impress someone to do something special and unpredictable. You have to give something that they never think. You have to say something that might surprise people. .... Do you get something from me? In contrast, if a woman says that she loves gold ring, do not take a gold ring, you should bring a flower! If your colleague says she likes Nokia handphone, you may not bring Bear. Try to master this skill in a particular way, and you'll be successful when dealing with people ..

2 When a woman in the pub or clubbing ..

Women are sentimental and illogical species. You could not catch what he thinks of women in any other place. Unless you're really familiar with the female mind. When a woman is having fun in the pub, the biological effect, her body becomes uncontrollable in the environment. A woman loves to wear sexy and she hopes her appearance can be recognized by everyone. If you want to talk towith the woman in this crowded environment ,you must act as if they were funny ,wild ,non-seriousand talking nonsense . Other uses, you must behave like a jerk. Trust me! You have to do it! If you do not believe me, try to do the test wearing a flower club, then show it to women who think they have a tendency to ask for an interview. After that, observe what was her response. I bet that will annoy you, or they simply say something to swallow and it will try to escape from his point of view. Why? It's simple.
The reason is because you leaked your intention when you first meet her in that many guys' pool.

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