You know, I was reading the bestselling Simpleology, Mark Joyner and something he said struck me.

"the quickest way to achieve your goals is to follow a straight line, but it rarely happens ."

That's true, "interference" are the main reasons why someone does not reach its full potential


Given the choice between going out to get drunk on Saturday night and staying at home to build your online business, what would you choose?

between buying the latest gadgets and handphone or spending money on advertising, would you make a smart choice for your business forward?

Look at Lewis Hamilton, new kid on the block who is tearing up trees in F1. He spent his childhood and teenage years obsessed with the go kart and race. He was totally focused on achieving their goals. And that is why he is a great success today.

But do not get me wrong. I enjoy my football games, pc games, reading good books, and watching good movies (I watch about 2-3 movies every week ).

If someone is successful, then it is likely to hit the balance just about right. This is when someone wants to build a successful business, but not taking the right action, or blame the lack of time while he was out partying every weekend, etc, then maybe off to 'route' to success.

This is a massive action immediately to catapult your online business to new heights. To make matters simple, but do something. Take some action that will explode your income. Get your priorities straight and your business will just keep growing endlessly.

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