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Jumat, 03 Juni 2011

chinchillas love to run, jump and they are beautiful to watch. However, I just can not leave them to worry. When not in captivity, you must be apprehensive about their safety. You always can not allow them to play out side cages. They are mainly active at night and you can not spend all the night with them. Now we need something in a cage, which makes them playful and gives peace to us.

What weneed buy now ? We have a chinchilla and cage, consider buying a wheel. Search for metal wheels instead of plastic. Plastic is harmful to chinchillas. Get a bigger wheel than you are for hamsters in the market. Make sure you do not have any holes in the wheel to avoid any skidding and injuring the chinchillas feet. Once you get the wheel and put in a cage, chinchilla try to get on top in the beginning, resulting in traction at high speeds. Of course, they will soon realize that this is not true for them unless they are very stupid. Arrange over the top shelves to abate chinchilla leaping on the movement of the wheel, and this will help avoid injury. It takes time for a chinchilla to stop the wheel. So, you better watch them sharply for several days, until they understand physics.

Various wheels easy to get on the market and they range from cheap to expensive. So, shell out some time to buy nice wheels for your chinchilla. Buy a wheel 15 feet in diameter. Do not go for a smaller wheel, unless you have a baby chinchilla. Smaller wheels causing not only discomfort but also contributes to backaches, and chinchillas arches his back while rolling. One of the foremost things to remember while buying a wheel that may not be a space where the chinchilla is. Gap causing injury to the legs and tail, if caught. You can even go to the modernist type of exercise gadget for chinchillas, as an exercise saucer. This will help you in your chinchilla viewing without obstruction.

You have a wider selection of wheels, though expensive, are the best for your chinchilla: Ed Wheel, Silver Surfer, chin and Spin Valley View. Their wheels have a diameter of 14-16 cm, and they manufacture, especially for chinchillas. Now that you are familiar with wheels, you have an idea what type of wheel is suitable for your chinchilla. Go and get one today!

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