The Edgiest Phone Samsung F400

Rabu, 01 Juni 2011

Mobile phones today are supposed to change rapidly as the lifestyle of its market segment. Therefore, mobile moguls, try to keep pace with this ever changing industry, creating sounds that will surely dictate the future. They say edgier the better, and Samsung created this magnificent work of art called Samsung F400.

It May look like your common Samsung mobile phone, but this model is the future of the company. This is the first of its kind and the company is very pleased with the response of people relate to. Like most Samsung phones, it is filled with color and brightness of the night, but the keyboard are as bright as silver. This phone is a whopping size dimensions 103 x 48 x 16.9 mm. Which only proves that the thinner the better.

This is a speaker that is pretty much the selling point of the phone. For the first time collaborating with Samsung the second company to provide the best service in the phone industry. Bang & Olfusen's ICE Power amplifier that can be seen outside the phone, its advantage over other mobile companies, especially if you know what Bang & Olfusen means the music industry.

dual slide is also another selling point products, especially if you're a techie nerdy type. rotating the scroll button is also easy and fun to use, you'll be amused at what can be done. The keyboard looks nervous, but also user friendly so that you may not need to worry too much about pointing fingers.

a camera on the back of the phone is simply because there are only 3 mega pixel resolution. But until now the practical camera if you do not mind the picture quality. screen is 2.2 inches with 240 x 320 pixel TFT. This makes the screen crispier compared to the competition. It also has Bluetooth and WAP connectivity, which makes interaction easier. It also has Java games, phone call and most importantly because of the memory slot for microSD cards for expansion.

More buying power of this phone is the MP3 player, which lets you use the amazing speakers to their full potential. It also has built-in FM radio, something that most phones do not.

The phone is definitely a buy, because he was nervous and the top of their game. Samsung has always been a step forward in providing quality mobile phone industry. Those values ​​are what people want and their needs and try to twist it to their products. That is why Samsung is one of the best companies in the world. They supply the authenticity of the greedy market without losing their core values ​​and purpose.

F400 is not only sharp thing Samsung, but the company itself. Their quest for perfection is the key to their motivation and their biggest strength against that ever so eager market segment. It is safe to say that Samsung F400 will definitely last, after all the company is known for its durability and long lasting effects of their products.

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